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We offer data management services for all stages of research

Good research data management is essential to ensure the reliability, accessibility and usability of research data. We offer data management services that cover the entire research process..

Data management skills and competences

Appropriate data management is a prerequisite for successful research. We can develop researchers’ data management skills and provide them with data management services. We tailor data management solutions for our customers so they can use data responsibly.

Careful planning and implementation of data management from the very beginning of the research process ensure that research data will be properly documented, organized and stored for future use.

For example, good data management enables

  • data comprehensibility and usability
  • opening and sharing of data
  • data findability and reusability
  • digital preservation
  • reproducibility and quality assurance of research.

Today, research funders require you to include a data management plan in your research plan.

Stages of a research process and life cycle of data management. CSC offers data management and computing services for different stages of research.

Versatile services to meet different needs

CSC provides several types of data management services:

  • The Fairdata services facilitate research data management. The separate but seamlessly interoperable Fairdata services enable the storage, publication, findability and reuse of data and the digital preservation of significant datasets.
  • Sensitive data services enable researchers to use sensitive data in all stages of research easily and securely.
  • EUDAT provides researchers with a number of services for saving, sharing, storing, processing and finding data. EUDAT is a European research data infrastructure, and its services can be accessed through CSC.
  • Our computing environment’s shared Allas service is suitable for storing and sharing research data.

All of our data centers are located in Finland, which means that the data are safely stored within our borders.

We participate in significant international projects in which we accumulate and share our expertise and work to develop better data management practices and tools. We are involved in the following projects that promote data management:

  • The European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) is an initiative of the European Commission and the member states aiming to implement an open multidisciplinary environment for FAIR compliant data and the services related to it in which data, tools and services for research, innovation and education can be published, found and reused.
  • The Research Data Alliance (RDA) is an international organization that promotes data sharing and data-driven research.
  • ELIXIR coordinates and develops European life science resources, making it easier for scientists to find, analyze and share data.

Research Data Management Competence Center

The CSC Research Data Management Competence Center promotes and supports the skills and competence development of research data management. Aim is to foster Open Science and FAIR data management with adequate knowledge and best practices for managing, reusing, sharing and analyzing research data.

To increase the quality, reproducibility and productivity of research, RDM Competence Center:

  • coordinates, develops and provides data management training
  • provides consultation and support for organizations, data management experts and researchers
  • works both in international and national projects
  • collects feedback on CSC´s data management services, which are used in future service development.

Get in touch via with the subject “data management” with matters related to data management.

Data Support Network is part of the CSC Research Data Management Competence Center.

Data Support Network

CSC – Data Support Network offers data management experts in research organisations the opportunity to develop their skills and exploit the opportunities for collaboration as a member of the network.

Everyone identifying themselves as data support staff, IT-experts or related with an affiliation to a Finnish higher education institution and interested in data management news and training opportunities is warmly welcome to the network!

Take part in the network:

FAIR principles for transparency

Our goal is to promote open science and compliance with the FAIR principles. 

The acronym FAIR stands for findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable, which means that research data that comply with the FAIR principles can be found and accessed and that they are interoperable and reusable. This aims for well-linked and interoperable data that is easy to utilize.

Contact information


Jessica Parland-von Essen

Development Manager

Jessica Parland-von Essen coordinates the implementation of the FAIR data principles and the strengthening of research data management capabilities.

+358 50 3812182


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