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We catalyze our customers’ success

CSC is a non-profit enterprise with a special mission. Together with our customers, we build solutions for digitalization for research, the national education system, culture and public administration.

Customer at the center of activity

Our approach is based on open interaction and collaboration. To ensure that our approach is customer oriented, CSC uses a model for customer steering in the company’s strategy process, different stages of service lifecycles as well as the decision-making and prioritization of new initiatives. This model helps us intensify our cooperation with our customers and their networks.

Our customers include:

  • universities and universities of applied sciences
  • research institutes
  • research infrastructures
  • public administration
  • archives, libraries and museums
  • companies.

The cornerstone of CSC’s work is its ownership strategy, which is drafted by an advisory board consisting of CSC’s owners and customers. The expectations placed on CSC by the owners are crystallized in the ownership strategy. The ownership strategy is implemented through the company strategy, which is drafted by CSC’s Board of Directors and management. It describes our goals and actions based on customer orientation.

Services steered by customers at all lifecycle stages

CSC delivers the services needed by its customers within the framework of its mission specified in the ownership strategy and company strategy. The customers develop the services they need with CSC, and CSC supplies them at cost price. Customer steering is the most important driving force in the development of a new service and throughout the service lifecycle. 

The initiative for a new service always emerges from customer needs. To pave the way for a new service, CSC usually conducts a preliminary study, in which customers’ needs and expectations are defined and the requirements for implementing the new service are analyzed.

We monitor service use at regular quality meetings and on the basis of statistics or customer surveys. Surveys and other customer feedback also point the way for further development of a service. The decline stage of the service lifecycle is indicated by utilization rate data and customer surveys. If a decision is made to phase out a service, we notify customers of this well in advance and direct them to a replacement service within a transition period.

CSC also receives regular feedback on its services for science through the Scientific Customer Panel.

High-performance computing for companies

Finnish companies can tap into the outstanding computing power of the LUMI supercomputer for their product development and innovation. In addition to computing resources, we provide companies with expert support for deployment, training, and assistance with submitting funding applications, free of charge. Read more about our services for companies.

Development is a joint effort

We offer different ways of sharing common understanding and building roadmap:

The purpose of the open Ideabank is to collect, share and advance development ideas that promote digitalization in research, learning and innovation.

The Ideabank offers opportunities for

  • sharing information and best practices
  • keeping an eye on what others are doing, and gaining insights
  • drawing on knowledge in decision-making and planning.

In the Ideabank service (multilingual service), anyone can suggest a new development idea arising from the need of an individual, team, field of education, sector or organization to solve a current or future challenge. Contributors can also provide information on development projects already launched in their organizations or with their partners. Everyone can follow and comment on the shared ideas and development projects. Ask about Ideabank

At the open Digihuone events for research, learning and innovation, the ideas collected in the Ideabank are discussed, and an overview is given of future changes, trends and policies on the Roadmap for the digitalization of education and research. In Digihuone, new initiatives for which there may not yet be an established forum can be made visible, and ways to promote them can be sought together.

Scientific Customer Panel

CSC receives regular feedback on its services for research through the Scientific Customer Panel. Convening four times a year, the panel plays an important role in the development of CSC’s services. The panel tasks also include scientific evaluation of Grand Challenge and DECI applications.

Antti Poso
University of Eastern Finland
Medicinal chemistry and drug design
Laura Ruotsalainen
University of Helsinki
Spatiotemporal data analysis
Sampsa Hautaniemi
University of Helsinki
Systems biology
Karoliina Honkala
University of Jyväskylä
Computational catalysis
Minna Palmroth
University of Helsinki
Space weather & physics
Mikko Tolonen
University of Helsinki
Digital humanities
Keijo Heljanko
University of Helsinki
Computer science and engineering
Hannu Kurki-Suonio
University of Helsinki
Ilpo Vattulainen
University of Helsinki
Biological physics & soft matter
Anssi Laukkanen
VTT Technical Research Center of Finland Ltd.
Computational Materials Science and AI

CSC’s owners

Our owners, the Finnish state and the universities and universities of applied sciences, define the purpose and direction of our existence.

Contact information


Antti Mäki

Customer Solution Manager

Antti Mäki is a Customer Solution Manager for Higher Education Institutions and other education institutions.

+358 50 4309119

Lara Anastasiou

Customer Solution Manager

Lara Anastasiou is a Customer Solution Manager for culture and others in the domain of Ministry for education and culture.

+358 50 4308754

Laura Luotola

Customer Solution Manager

Laura Luotola is a Customer Solution Manager for Public Administration customers.

+358 50 5856537

Tapio Männistö

Customer Solution Manager

Tapio Männistö is a Customer Solution Manager for Ministry of Education and Culture.

+358 50 5264204

Mari Riipinen

Customer Solution Manager

PhD Mari Riipinen is a Customer Solutions Manager for National and International Research Organizations and Funders.

+358 40 5779273


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