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We are active in networks for the digitalization of learning and research and promote system interoperability

We have both expertise in digitalization and technologies and an in-depth understanding of the needs of research and education. Through our expertise, we support continuous cooperation between higher education institutions, other education providers, research institutes, research funders and authorities.

Cooperation is highlighted in an increasingly digital environment

Cooperation between actors and learning across organizational boundaries are emphasized in the changing and increasingly digital operating environment of continuous learning. Interoperability between support services for studying and teaching as well as commensurability of shared information and concepts are also important.

Smooth data flows between different organizations and systems is a precondition for effective cooperation. CSC’s role is to bring different actors together and promote interoperability between various systems. By coordinating cooperation and providing expertise in architectures, we ensure the uniformity of data specifications, data models, glossaries.

We support cooperation between different actors, for example, in the following ways:

  • We produce reviews and reports related to e.g. digital services or digitalization of education for the Ministry of Education and Culture, collaboration networks and higher education institutions.
  • We are involved in the vocabularies and glossary work of continuous learning and research administration.
  • We produce architectures in cooperation with education providers and other stakeholders.
  • We help higher education institutions meet the challenges posed by emerging technologies and globalization to the protection of personal data.
  • We provide shared platforms and tools that support communication.

Increasing importance of networks

The services provided by higher education institutions are increasingly interlinked. CSC coordinates and facilitates a number of cooperation networks and consortia of higher education institutions.

The guiding principle of our operations is continuity. We help higher education institutions to develop their shared enterprise architecture for digital education systematically and over the long term. Our goal is to help the field of education to find the most useful and enduring digital solutions.

A player in European cooperation

We are also active in international networks: we strive to influence EU-level decisions relating to the digitalization of learning by bringing the views and expertise of CSC and other Finnish expert organizations of education and research to bear on them.

Similarly, we provide national actors in Finland with information on European development projects and programs as well as trends relating to the digitalization of learning. Our aim is to be a reliable partner and a pioneer in the digitalization of learning and research, also at the international level.

We are active in many networks

For example, we are involved in the following networks:

  • We participate in the activities of the KOOTuki group. It is a cooperation group working on support services for studying and teaching as well as administration in higher education institutions. It builds a big picture of trends in the digitalization of education and teaching.
  • We coordinate and facilitate collaboration between the Peppi consortium’s (in Finnish) member institutions and the consortium’s efforts to develop the Peppi service package. Peppi is a comprehensive service package for enterprise resource planning that helps to manage studies, teaching and electronic services related to them at higher education institutions.
  • We participate in the large Finn-ARMA cooperation network established by higher education institutions. Finn-ARMA operates in the fields of research administration, research support and research services.
  • We promote open science and participate in, among others, the Finnish EOSC forum.
  • We are involved in PID network, an open expert network for parties managing persistent identifiers.
  • TWe produce national enterprise architecture descriptions, for example, for the he digitalization of continuous learning, as well as early childhood education and care, and pre-primary and basic education.

Contact information


Jukka Kohtanen

Director, Collaborative Digital Services

Jukka Kohtanen is responsible for digital services for higher education.


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