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International collaboration enhances our services and supports science

We engage actively in international cooperation to develop our skills, services, and infrastructure. Research collaborations on an international scale are becoming increasingly common. For this reason, it is crucial that we here at CSC develop services that support efficient collaboration between Finnish researchers and their international peers.

We provide Finnish researchers with access to world-class services, such as computing capacity and data services. These are available through the research infrastructures and international projects that CSC participates in, such as the LUMI infrastructure project. World-class services are a success factor in enhancing the competitiveness, performance and quality of Finnish science and research.

Combining strengths through European collaboration

With our European peers, we join forces in developing services for conducting excellent science. We benefit from funding support from the European Commission and the Nordic e-Infrastructure Consortium, among others.

The advantages of jointly conducting development work in an international context is that it enables us to provide services we would not be able to develop on our own. For example, by joining forces with a large European consortium of 11 countries and the European Commission, we are able to provide Finnish researchers with access to the LUMI supercomputer.

The European collaboration has also largely contributed to the development of CSC’s sensitive data services that are now available for researchers in Finland. CSC takes part in a number of international RDI projects and we systematically monitor new international RDI funding opportunities.

Global collaboration supports Finnish research

On a global level, we establish strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations to increase skills and knowledge exchange, and to support Finnish researchers’ international collaborations.

With bilateral and multilateral partnerships, we enable cross-border access to the world’s most efficient research infrastructures, such as the European LUMI and the Japanese Fugaku. Finnish users are able to use our services as a collaborative platform to reach their international peers. Thanks to these partnerships, we are also able to co-design user training and facilitate staff exchanges, as well as co-develop services for the benefit of Finnish researchers and their collaborations.

Several organizational partnerships

In addition to partnerships with individual organizations, we are members of international associations and organizations, such as the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), Research Data Alliance and Big Data Value Association.

Through international organizations, we aim to incorporate the Finnish perspective into the definition of common standards and policies on the international level, thus influencing developments that will eventually have an effect on us.

CSC’s international collaboration promotes and reinforces both national and international cooperation and enhances Finland’s impact on the political level.

Research Infrastructure Programmes

Many of our RDI projects are part of our larger research infrastructure programmes, such as ELIXIR, EOSC and EuroHPC. These infrastructures offer high quality solutions for Finnish researchers and enable us to find new collaboration opportunities and partnerships with present and potential customers in the future.

International Networks

Research is more and more happening in collaboration with international stakeholders. Therefore, it is crucial that we at CSC develop services in cooperation with research communities and our European peers. This allows us to facilitate the participation of Finnish researchers in international collaborations. The exchange of information benefits both CSC’s national and international stakeholders.

Contact information


Damien Lecarpentier

Director, International Collaborations & Partnerships

Damien Lecarpentier leads CSC’s international collaborations & partnerships strategy.

+358 50 3819515