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Flexible cloud services

Our cloud services offer a flexible and scalable way to compute. You will have full control over the resources you deploy and your data stays safely in CSC data centers in Finland.

Versatile computing

CSC offers three different cloud services for different use cases. Compared with supercomputers, our cloud services have less capacity but they offer numerous benefits to users.

The threshold for using the cloud is lower than for supercomputers. With our cloud services you will have your own virtual machine, more control over server and more services available. Cloud works with a self service approach and you can deploy your own operating system. It is a system you already know and it is easy to start using.

cPouta is a community cloud service for general use. Using cPouta, you can quickly deploy self-administered infrastructure using a simple user interface. You can

  • launch, manage and automate virtual machines
  • deploy storage
  • create networks for your needs.

ePouta is cloud service with higher level security and is mainly recommended for sensitive data processing. It allows you to deploy virtual machines and storage resources directly to your organization’s internal network.

Rahti is a container cloud service. In container cloud you manage applications, not virtual servers, and it is easy to scale the resources up or down based on demand. The new Rahti 2 container cloud service was opened to researchers’ use in spring 2024. Read more about new features and changes.

Various use cases

CSC cloud services have multiple use cases for different users:

  • Researchers in universities, universities of applied sciences and research organizations can use CPU and GPU nodes as well as storage for computations that require flexibility not available on our supercomputers.
  • Our cloud services also serve as a platform for services by Ministry of Education and Culture.
  • In addition to research, they can also be used for educational purposes.
  • Or as a platform for citizen science. For example, citizens can collect data for research by recording bird sounds with a mobile app called Muuttolintujen kevät (Spring of Migratory Birds) and the machine learning model in cPouta will identify the bird species from these samples.

Our services also offer a generic platform to run many different kinds of applications from web servers, databases and development platforms to complex scientific software stacks and data analysis pipelines.

Contact information


Juha Törnroos

Development Manager

Juha Törnroos is responsible for CSC’s research cloud services.

+358 50 3812125 X @JuhaTornroos

Eeva Nyrövaara

Customer Solution Manager

Eeva Nyrövaara is a Customer Solution Manager for scientific computing.

+358 50 4004523


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