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Values, vision and strategy guide everything we do

Our values, vision and strategy are present in all our work and in every decision we make on all levels of our organization.

Values reflect the principles behind our actions

Our work is guided by our values: we advance expertise as a community with assurance and integrity.

Our Code of Conduct defines the way we implement these values on a daily basis, and every CSCer is committed to comply it.

Together towards our vision

Our vision is: together we build world-class environments for research, learning and innovation. We aim at a better future for all of us based on digitalization and sustainable development. We share our vision with our owners, customers, and partners, and move towards it together.

Strategic objectives crystallize our special assignment

CSC has a special assignment, which has been given to us by the state of Finland and Finnish higher education institutions. Our owner strategy summarizes our special assignment and creates the foundation for our company strategy. Through our four strategic objectives we strengthen the impact of research, create synergy benefits and advance digital transformation.

Competitive advantage with research ecosystems

We develop both national and international ecosystem for data management and high-performance computing which answers cost-effectively researchers’ needs until the year 2030 and even further. Joint-European LUMI supercomputer and its ecosystem provide significant benefits to higher education institutions, research organizations and companies. CSC supports Europe’s competitiveness by providing a computing environment for instance to climate research and biological sciences.

Benefits from well-managed data

We make customized solutions for data management to our customers and develop our competence and services regarding responsible utilization of data. We produce solutions which help in managing open data available for science and research, securely processing sensitive data, and ensuring data preservation long into the future with digital preservation services.

Digitality makes everyday life better

By supporting digitalization we enable fluent learning paths to learners of all ages. We support the digital transition of education and science by providing the education system with over 40 reliable and secure services that promote Finland’s role globally as appealing center of competence. We are a trusted and value adding service integrator to higher education institutions.

Competent, accommodating and responsible CSC

CSC grows its handprint by promoting the three abovementioned objectives. Sustainable development and customer-orientation are in the core of our operations, and which are reflected in creating sustainable value and impact.

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Our values

  • As a community: We work together with our customers to achieve the best results, advance national collaboration and inspire one another.
  • Expertise: We put effort into developing our competence and skills and challenge ourselves to being one step ahead.
  • With assurance: We listen to our customers and provide them with our expertise. We respect each other.
  • And integrity: We embrace responsibility by working in an open and ethical manner, committing to mutual objectives and producing high-quality with cost-effectiveness.

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