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We build information flows and data warehouses

We collate data flows from different sources and share data with various actors. We make everyday life easier for students, researchers and authorities alike, as the same information need not be entered in several different systems.

From collecting the data to acting based on it

We collect reliable and high-quality information for the Ministry of Education and Culture to guide the science and education policy. The data we collect is used to monitor the field, for statistical purposes and to allocate funding. Among other things, we enable the monitoring of graduate careers.

The services built by us provide the Finnish National Agency for Education with information to support its work. We also supply education providers with data that they can use to monitor and develop their activities. Data concerning the educational and vocational structure of the entire population is, for example, used to monitor education levels and to anticipate labor and training needs.

Small trickles make up a large stream

We collect data from a number of different sources and collate individual data flows into interoperable sets. To build data flows and produce a high-quality knowledge base, we need to engage in continuous cooperation with numerous data producers and users.

We have the technical capabilities to build data warehouses and flows, as well as an understanding of what data is. We also have solid competence in the fields of education and research.

We process raw data into useful information, support data analysis, convert it into a commensurate form, and share it in a comprehensible format.

  • VIRTA higher education achievement register
    • contains data concerning higher education students’ study rights, semester enrolments and degrees as well as study attainments and grades awarded for them
    • also contains information on exchange studies completed abroad
    • plays a key role in the organization of the higher education institutions’ joint application process
  • Vipunen, the educational administration’s statistical service
    • collects data along a person’s entire study path from early childhood education and care and upper secondary education all the way to higher education
    • offers open access to statistics for the media, decision-makers and the general public. The data in Vipunen can also be accessed through an open interface
  • The National Research Information Hub
    • collects data on experts working in science and innovation, publications, research datasets, projects and funding
    • improves the visibility and societal impact of Finnish research
    • all data is published on the website, and research actors are granted access to it through interfaces
CSC is as a key conveyor of data that collates data, processes them further and then forwards them.
We make daily life easier

Vipunen, the educational administration’s statistical service, supports the administration’s experts in their work and provides data to underpin decision-making. Vipunen is a reliable source of information for the media, and for those applying for study places, it offers data on the scores needed for admission to degree programs.

The National Research Information Hub reduces the amount of reporting and administrative overlap by combining separate systems through data flows. This eliminates the need to repeatedly enter the same data in different services:

  • Researchers can examine open calls for proposals and describe their expertise and research outputs in their profiles.
  • Research funders’ work is facilitated as the information needed at different stages of the funding process is available in the Research Information Hub.

Our data flows make students’ everyday life easier in many ways. Thanks to the Virta register and other data flows, students can

  • buy a student-priced public transport ticket for the Helsinki Metropolitan Area with their mobile phones, wherever they are
  • register for the academic year (Oili) and take exams electronically (Exam)
  • prove their entitlement to use FSHS health services
  • use the wireless global campus network (Eduroam)
  • study flexibly at other higher education institutions and transfer their study attainment data both nationally and internationally.

Applying for student financial aid is easier when Kela can check study rights and the progress of studies in the Virta service.The National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health Valvira uses Virta to check education, training and professional qualifications.

Contact information


Jutta Virolainen

Director, Digital Information Platforms

Jutta Virolainen is responsible for digital information platforms for education and public administration.

+358 50 3818416

Jukka Kohtanen

Director, Collaborative Digital Services

Jukka Kohtanen is responsible for digital services for higher education.


Anttoni Lehto

Customer Solution Manager

Anttoni Lehto is a Customer Solution Manager for service integration and digital service ecosystems.

+358 50 3424618

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