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For the media

CSC Communications can provide more information about us as a company. If you are looking for interviewees, we can also find top experts in various fields for you.

Contact information

Contacts with the media are primarily handled by our Communications Director or Communications Manager. To reach the entire communications team at once, contact the general e-mail address viestinta(at)

Find an expert

We can offer a broad range of expertise in scientific computing, data management and the digitalization of research and teaching. In addition to the topics found in the Our expertise section, we also have special competence in areas such as solutions for processing sensitive data, artificial intelligence, quantum technology and long-term preservation of cultural heritage. If you are looking for a person to interview in a specific competence area, you can use the search function. If you can’t find a suitable expert through the search, you can contact our communications team.

Image bank

In the image bank, you can find CSC’s graphic style guide, logos intended for media use and photos of CSC’s managers and other images related to our operations. For images of the LUMI supercomputer, see the dedicated LUMI image bank. Get in touch with CSC’s contact persons for communications to check for permission to use the images in commercial contexts.

Contact us


Maija Kuhlman

Director, Communications

Maija Kuhlman is in charge of CSC’s communications, reputation management and brand.

+358 40 7182206

Sanna Kostiainen

Communications Manager

Sanna Kostiainen is a Commucations Manager for external communication and media relations.

+358 40 0712072

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