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Relying on advanced technology, we are working together to build the future of research and learning. At CSC, you will do meaningful work for the digitalization of Finnish society. We offer opportunities for international networking and developing your expertise. We are always looking for new talents.

Open positions

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Our growing community consists of more than 600 people in a number of different fields and with a broad range of backgrounds. Examples of areas in which our team has expertise include artificial intelligence, quantum technology, data analysis and software development. At CSC, you can work with supercomputers, data centers or complex IT systems in unique tasks you will not find anywhere else. In addition, we employ customer solution managers, project coordinators and service managers whose tasks include collaborating with customers and participating in different networks.   

Our international experts come from more than 30 different countries. Our official working languages are English and Finnish, and many of our teams work almost exclusively in English. We help new international employees and their families get off to a good start in a new country.

Every year, we offer opportunities to dozens of trainees, most in the form of summer jobs. We support our trainees in growing into members of the CSC community and in networking by organizing both formal and informal activities for them. Many of our trainees continue to either work with us part time while studying or find full-time employment at CSC after graduation. 

Send us an open application!

Our managers monitor open applications actively. If we have not yet discovered that we need you, send us an open application and let us know why you would be a good addition to our curious bunch.

Our community

Our company’s key resource is our curious personnel with a willingness to learn. At CSC, you can improve your competence either through on-the-job learning or by taking part in training. We actively organize different types of training and coaching for both the entire personnel and managers. We encourage active competence sharing, which allows the entire organization to benefit from lessons learned in training.

At CSC you can grow and develop. The expertise of CSC employees is often shaped at work over the years: a person who starts at entry level may become a director, or an employee may start working full time on what was originally a side project. 

We believe that diversity and inclusion create the best possible working environment in which people can thrive and enjoy their work. Fostering equality and non-discrimination requires continuous work, and we are committed to investing in them also in the future. 

We take care of our personnel’s wellbeing at work and wish to build together a community in which everyone thrives. We monitor staff satisfaction regularly, and employees can give the management and personnel representatives feedback with a low threshold. It is important for us to know how our work community is doing, and we invest in improving wellbeing at work.

Personnel benefits

Our hybrid work model makes it easier to combine work and daily life. We offer our employees flexible working time and holiday arrangements and opportunities for remote work.

Our welcoming and modern workspaces in Keilaniemi, Espoo and Renforsin Ranta in Kajaani enable team work but also facilitate tasks that require quiet concentration. We invest in both physical and virtual work environments to make your working day the best it can be – no matter where you work or what your role is.

Our facilities have car parking spaces and bicycle racks. If you use public transport for travel to work, you can take advantage of the ePassi Commuting benefit.

In addition to comprehensive occupational healthcare services, your wellbeing at work is secured by extensive health insurance and remote work insurance. A lunch benefit is available during the working day. Recreation in your free time is supported by sports and cultural benefits and a gym in Keilaniemi. You can also participate in our recreational activities. While doing things together, colleagues from different parts of the organization can get to know each other. 

We have a performance bonus system in place for our employees. Its amount depends on not only personal performance but also the success of teams and projects.

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