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Better tailored care through advanced data transfer and analysis methods

Some of the most valuable insights generated by research come from the integration of complex datasets. It is therefore important to promote national computing and data storage services. This creates a strong foundation for data-intensive research in Finland.

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LUMI is officially here!

The second pilot phase of LUMI, using the system’s GPU capacity, is complete, system’s performance verified with accepted benchmarks, contract work completed and, therefore, LUMI is officially ready to serve European scientists in its full capacity!

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Digitaaliset kaksoset Tieteiden yössä

Digitaalinen kaksonen on fyysisestä tutkimuskohteesta tehty digitaalinen kopio, jossa yhdistyvät mallinnus ja havaintodata. Esittelimme Tieteiden yön verkkotapahtumassa CSC:llä kehitettävät digitaaliset kaksoset: ilmastokaksosen ja biodiversiteetin digitaaliset kaksoset.

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The summer school is built on learning high performance computing and doing things together

CSC's Summer School in High-Performance Computing will be held again in the summer of 2023. The previous summer school delved into the world of high performance computing and involved a wide range of programming exercises. The leisure activities are also an integral part of the experience.

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