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CSC – IT Center for Science

We build digital solutions for data management, scientific computing, and education that help researchers, learners, and companies understand the world. We support society’s digitalization and, on our part, promote the green transition with our customers, owners, and partners.

Welcome! You are on CSC’s new website

The CSC website has been renewed. The new website highlights CSC’s expertise and the importance of our operations to society more clearly than before.

The site’s visual look, structure and content are all new. News, blogs and other topical content are more prominently featured than before.

We hope you can easily find the information you are looking for on the new site.

LUMI supercomputer

The European supercomputer LUMI, one of the fastest and greenest of its kind in the world, boosts research, employment, and competitiveness in Finland and across Europe. Throughout its life cycle, LUMI will be one of the most high-profile scientific instruments in the world. LUMI is located in the CSC’s data center in Kajaani.

AI and data analytics

Artificial intelligence and data analytics are continuously increasing in popularity, and CSC’s efficient machine learning environments provide world-class possibilities for their use. We support AI research of international significance through our computing environment, expertise and networks.

Come and build future ICT solutions with us

Relying on advanced technology, we are working together to build the future of research and learning. At CSC, you will do meaningful work for the digitalization of Finnish society. We offer unique tasks that you will not find anywhere else. As part of our curious work community, you will have opportunities for developing your expertise and network internationally.

Our growing work community consists of over 600 people in different fields, and we are continuously looking for new talents to join us. Read more about us and have a look at our open positions.

Open positions