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Eco-efficient Kajaani data center

Our data center in Kajaani is one of the most environmentally friendly data centers in the world. Kajaani’s northern location, plentiful availability of renewable energy and exceptional infrastructure create excellent conditions for eco-efficient data center operation.

Home of supercomputers

CSC’s data center has been operating in Kajaani since 2012. It hosts the national supercomputers, Mahti and Puhti, and the data management system Allas.

In 2021, a data center for the European supercomputer LUMI was completed in Kajaani. It has since received a number of awards for its innovative design and environmental friendliness. The same facilities also house the massive data management system of the European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT), which supports the EU’s Destination Earth program.

The world-class data management and computing environment in the data center is used to solve the most difficult problems known to science and to develop sustainability innovations.

As proof of their exceptional security and reliability, CSC’s Kajaani data centers have been awarded international ISO/IEC 27001 certification.

Why Kajaani?

Thanks to the world-class research environment offered by CSC, other companies and Kajaani University of Applied Sciences, a data center ecosystem has emerged in the Kajaani region, which develops education, new expertise and business in this field.

The location in Kajaani enables the rapid construction, deployment and cost-effective operation of a data center. This is guaranteed by the private industrial grid of the Renforsin Ranta business park, local renewable energy production, affordable rents and the possibility of reusing waste heat in the district heating network of the City of Kajaani.

Energy efficiency

Our data centers are supplied with certified and exclusively renewable energy. In the Kainuu region, there is an oversupply of hydroelectricity and wind power, which will ensure the availability of renewable energy also in the future. The northern location of Kajaani enables year-round air and water cooling free of charge.

The waste heat produced by the data center is directed to the City of Kajaani’s district heating network, covering around one fifth of Kajaani’s district heating needs. Thanks to the recovery of waste heat, the operation of the data center has a negative carbon footprint.

The free air and water cooling, renewable electricity and waste heat capture all contribute to the data center’s cost-effective operation.

In addition, the energy consumed by our data centers is used for meaningful purposes, such as solving challenging scientific problems and developing sustainability innovations.

Fast and reliable data connections

Fast and reliable data connections are a prerequisite for the data center’s efficient operation. The Funet network provides cost-effective connections to both the Internet and global research networks. Funet data connections are reliable and free of congestion.

The network was designed and built for the needs of higher education institutions and the scientific community, which is why Funet can deliver high-capacity connections and other services flexibly.

Ready-to-use infrastructure

The Kajaani data center is located in a former paper mill in the Renforsin Ranta business park. By re-purposing the decommissioned industrial building, we were able to avoid CO2 emissions during construction.

Renforsin Ranta offers tens of thousands of square meters of data center space and an electricity network built for the heavy industry, which is important for data centers. The facilities are highly adaptable for large-scale hardware installations and extensions, and for other potential infrastructures.

Data center expertise

CSC is a pioneer of green data centers. We have solid expertise in designing, constructing and operating data centers for high-performance computing and providing support services. We have implemented three different data center solutions in Kajaani.

We offer expert services for preparing data center project plans and putting the project into practice with selected partners. We also offer data center operations as a service with the help of our local data center experts.

Visit our data center

Visits to the data center are primarily possible for societal influencers, scientists and companies, as well as representatives and students of universities and universities of applied sciences.

You can send a request for a visit to vierailukajaani(at)

We will respond to your request within one to three days.

Virtual visit

Welcome on a virtual visit to the data center! On this virtual visit, you can get to know the pan-European supercomputer LUMI, and the national supercomputers Mahti and Puhti.

Visit the LUMI data center.

Visit the Mahti and Puhti data center.


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