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Secure and easy Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions ensure that the right people have access, at the right time and in the right place, to precisely those resources to which they have been granted access. IAM services help prevent identity theft and improve security.

Identification across organizational boundaries

CSC has special expertise in planning, implementing and maintaining systems for user identification across organizational boundaries. We strive to implement complex IAM technology solutions that are as easy as possible for our clients to use.

Centralized identity and access management ensures that the user’s identity has been verified at the level required by the services, and that services facilitating scientific work can be used securely. User rights are defined individually for each service and user.

Access to many services with a single identity

Representatives of different higher education institutions can use each other’s services without needing separate IDs for each one. CSC develops and operates the Haka Identity Federation for higher education institutions and research institutes. Haka login centralizes user management and enables single sign-on to different services.

The trust relationship between the service and centralized identity management is a back office process, meaning that the user does not need to remember multiple passwords.

CSC’s identity management solutions make it possible to interconnect the services of national and international higher education institutions. Thanks to the uniform identification method, representatives of several higher education institutions can use the same services without separate IDs, making their use easier and more secure. This promotes the openness of data and sharing of knowledge, as well as lowers the threshold for sharing data.

Many services and tailored solutions

CSC’s identity and access management expertise is at the disposal of our clients (universities, research institutes and other customer segments) as well as our partners. While developing our own services, we also produce tailored solutions for our clients.

CSC’s own computing, storage and cloud services, as well as identity, access and resource management for the European LUMI supercomputer, are based on the IdM system developed and operated by CSC.

In addition to Haka, the trust networks and services we maintain include Virtu, Eduuni-ID, MPASSid and REMS. We have also applied our expertise in the management of sensitive biomedical research data in the international ELIXIR network.

Our involvement in networks:

  • IAM network of higher education institutions: a development and peer support network for identity management for higher education institutions that shares experiences and best practices.
  • NeICis a Nordic community that promotes research between the Nordic and Baltic countries.
  • EduGAINis an international cooperation service that connects identity federations in the fields of research and education. Enables secure exchange of information on identity, authentication and authorization between the federations.

CSC’s expertise in a nutshell

  • IAM solutions for national needs and EU projects
  • Identification solutions
  • Identification service brokerage.

Contact information


Juha Nyholm

Product Owner

Juha Nyholm is responsible for development and maintenance of identity and access management as part of the development team.

+358 50 3288489

Sami Saarikoski

Development Manager

Sami Saarikoski is responsible for the Eduuni collaboration services and the Eduuni-ID identity and access management service.


Arto Tuomi

Development Manager

Arto Tuomi is responsible for the authenticaion and authorization services and tailored authenticaion solutions.


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