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Flexible and equal education through digitalization of learning

Hybrid and remote learning are here to stay, but they need to be supported by learning technologies that enable versatile pedagogical implementations and smooth cooperation. CSC has diverse expertise in configuring modern systems needed for remote and hybrid learning as well as for other interaction between learners, teachers and researchers.

Video conference platforms and remote exams as enablers

The pandemic forced higher education institutions to rapidly take a massive digital leap in teaching, and video platforms are currently the key tools for learning and instruction. Our video services help make hybrid teaching a routine solution. 

Ensuring the identity and integrity of an exam taker is an important part of evaluation in higher education. CSC is a service provider in the Exam consortium, which is formed by a large share of Finnish higher education institutions.  Students can select the time and place of sitting their Exam examination flexibly, and they can also take it on the premises of a higher education institution other than their own.

CSC also supports the organization of digital entrance examinations in cooperation with several higher education institutions.

Transferring learners’ data to correct registers

Transferring data concerning a student and their study attainments to the right places reliably and securely is part of the digitalization of learning. CSC partners higher education institutions in developing competence demonstration and assessment systems, which offer more flexible digital assessment solutions for both teachers and students.

Students use CSC’s services to register their attendance. Their study attainments are saved and can be, where necessary, transferred between higher education institutions if they complete studies in more than one organization.

Finally, information on the student’s graduation is transferred to the necessary national registers. CSC has long experience of constructing national data warehouses in cooperation with data providers and users. The data accumulating in these warehouses is commensurate, of high quality and comprehensive, and it can be used by the learner for a number of purposes in different stages of their studies

Aiming for inclusive education

Digital learning solutions play a key role in enabling lifelong study paths. Hybrid studies and the possibility of completing studies in several places free learners from the necessity of being constantly present in the place of study.

This is likely to make education more equal, as studying is possible regardless of your life situation and where you live.

We develop digital learning services through collaboration

National collaboration:

  • We coordinate collaboration between higher education institutions, information sharing and joint projects aiming to develop digital learning systems.

International collaboration:

  • We participate in international networks and keep an eye on what is happening in other European countries.
  • We participate in projects that explore different digital learning innovations.
  • We participate in joint procurement and deliver services for higher education institutions in Nordic collaboration.

Benefits of digital learning solutions

For the student:

  • A possibility to complete studies in many ways and at several higher education institutions, regardless of where you live.
  • You can create your own study path.

For the teacher:

  • Closer cooperation between higher education institutions.
  • Pedagogically diverse and flexible ways of delivering teaching.

Contact information


Jukka Kohtanen

Director, Collaborative Digital Services

Jukka Kohtanen is responsible for digital services for higher education.


Topi Litmanen

Development Manager

Topi Litmanen is responsible for educational technology services.

+358 9 4572048


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