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This website uses cookies necessary for its operation in order to provide the user with content and certain functionalities (e.g. language selection). You have no control over the use of these cookies.

Website visitor statistics

We collect visitor statistics on the use of the site. The data is not personally identifiable and is only stored in the Matomo visitor analytics tool managed by CSC.

By accepting visitor statistics, you allow Matomo to use various technologies, such as analytics cookies and web beacons, to collect statistics about your use of the site.

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Cookies and visitor statistics

The website collects statistics on visitors to and the use of the website. The statistics help us to improve our service and are also used as part of the reports on the service. The data recorded in the statistics are anonymized and cannot be linked to an individual person.

For visitor statistics, we use the Matomo tool, which collects information about the use of the site through, among other things, analytics cookies and web beacons. This information is stored on the Matomo server located in Frankfurt, Germany. At no time will CSC transfer or store data outside the EU.

Data collected by the Matomo tool

Collected dataExplanation
URLURL of the page viewed by the user
TitleURL of the page viewed by the user
DeviceThe type, make, model and screen resolution of the user’s device
BrowserThe user’s browser, its version and the language selected in the browser
Visit identifierAn anonymous random code stored in a cookie that can be used to report the percentage of repeat users
Referring pageInformation about the page or site from which the user arrived to view the page
Search termA term entered by a user in the search field on
Follow-up eventInformation about another specified follow-up event such as the URL of a link to another site clicked on at the site or a contact link clicked on at the site
TimestampThe time when the user viewed each page on the site
Anonymized IP
The initial part of the user’s IP address (blocks A–C). The rest of the IP address (block D) is removed before storage, so the user cannot be identified by IP address.
CountryAn estimate of the country where the user is located based on the anonymized IP address
Menu usedInformation about the menu that the user last used to navigate the page
Additional content informationtAdditional information about the page the user is viewing, such as the categories, keywords or author assigned to the page by the CSC

Data to be stored on the user’s terminal device

The operation of the website requires the storage of certain information on the user’s terminal device. This information is often stored in cookies and is often referred to generically as cookies.

The information is stored in the user’s web browser as small text files. Each site can only read the information that it has stored. Information necessary for the functioning of the website includes, for example, the language version of the page chosen by the user.

If certain information might have an impact on the user’s privacy, the storage of this information requires the user’s consent. Examples of such cases include a visit identifier stored by Matomo, which allows two separate visits to a website to be combined, and a source identifier, which allows Matomo to identify where the user arrived at the website from. By accepting the website’s visitor statistics, you also accept the use of these cookies. By opting out of visitor statistics, we will only store information on your browser that is necessary for the technical functioning of the website.

Visitor statistics and the Matomo tool may store the following information in your browser:

consentAnalyticslocalStorageTells whether the user has allowed visitor statistics on the site
consentMarketinglocalStorageTells whether the user has allowed the targeting of advertising on the site. Currently, the site does not target advertising.
_pk_idcookieThe login ID that Matomo uses to identify a user returning to the site. Valid for up to 13 months.
_pk_refcookieThe source identifier that Matomo uses to identify where the user arrived on the site from. Valid for up to 6 months.
_pk_ses, _pk_cvar, _pk_hsrcookieTemporary data on the visit used by Matomo statistics. Valid for up to 30 minutes.
_pk_testcookiecookieIdentifies whether the user’s browser supports cookies. Deleted immediately.
matomo_sessidcookieA cookie necessary for Matomo statistics, which does not contain any data about the user. Valid for up to 14 days.
mtm_consent, mtm_cookie_consentcookieA Matomo setting cookie that allows the tool to know whether the user has enabled or disabled cookies.
navRefsessionStorageTells which menu the user last used to navigate the site.