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We support high-impact AI research and data analytics

Artificial intelligence and data analytics are continuously increasing in popularity, and CSC’s efficient machine learning environments provide world-class possibilities for their use. We support AI research of international significance through our computing environment, expertise and networks.

Efficient machine learning environments

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning are already routinely used by researchers to enable breakthroughs and innovations.

Significant AI research is conducted in Finland, and CSC supports it through our diverse computing and data management infrastructure and expertise. With the rapid growth of AI challenges it has become impossible to do research on large AI models without supercomputer scale computing resources.

We offer researchers at higher education institutions and research institutes efficient GPU-accelerated machine learning environments (LUMI, Mahti-AI, Puhti-AI and cloud environment) and the extensive support of our experts for methodology use. The LUMI ecosystem also gives RDI actors in companies access to AI. 

Machine learning is ideal for facilitating repeated and analogous decision-making situations and modeling complex dependencies in big data.

Examples of AI applications:

  • Researchers in linguistics develop language models, or artificial intelligence applications enabling the processing of natural language, and use AI in speech recognition applications.
  • In natural sciences, AI and machine learning are used for purposes such as identifying cancers in digital image data from tissue samples, studying climate change, or searching for suitable molecules in large molecular libraries.

Versatile data analytics

We offer scientists diverse resources to support data analytics. If you are qualified in your field but a beginner in data analytics, you can take one of CSC’s courses to get off to a quicker start. Once the datasets increase in size and your laptop runs out of capacity, you can access more resources in CSC’s cloud services, national supercomputers and the LUMI supercomputer. Our experts offer help, support and training in the secrets of AI and data analytics.

Our experts survey the potential of AI and data analytics and carry out analytics experiments. For example, we have participated in projects in which analytics has been used to

  • identify differences in young people’s wellbeing based on data from the School Health Promotion Study
  • classify municipalities by using wellbeing data
  • promote the digitalization of continuous learning
  • utilize private weather stations to predict local weather
  • support ski coaches in monitoring athletes’ training.

Responsible AI use

We see AI as playing a key role in the digital transformation of society, and we wish to encourage responsible decision-making underpinned by data. We act in accordance with European values and produce data analytics and AI solutions in keeping with them. We favor open source code and take transparency and ethics into account when designing AI models.

We are a reliable partner for the public administration and aim to find solutions with the most benefit to the client. We are able to identify the changes or improvements that artificial intelligence and machine learning aim for, and to find the correct AI applications. In our analytics pilots, we address the special features of the public sector.

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a computer program capable of performing functions regarded as intelligent, including learning, problem-solving and decision-making.

Machine learning is an area of artificial intelligence where a computer program, based on input data, finds statistical properties of the phenomenon being examined.

Deep learning is an area of artificial intelligence that uses neural networks to analyze and model big data.

Contact information


Aleksi Kallio

Development Manager, AI and Data Analytics

Aleksi Kallio manages the development of AI services for research and CSC’s expert support for the use of AI methods in the high-performance computing environment.

+358 50 3845158

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