Utilising the Data Center Waste Heat

Waste Heat Utilisation in Kajaani

The aims of the project ‘Utilising the data center waste heat’ are to ensure new data center investments, develop new economic activity, engage new enterprises who utilise the waste heat, and foster low-carbon circular economy. 

LUMI supercomputer located in Kajaani has accelerated the development of the area and related data center-ecosystem through, among other benefits, attracting for new data center investments. However, one bottleneck for the new data center investments has been the utilisation of the waste heat.

The project will create 2-4 scenarios taking into account different potential data center investments and related waste heat production. Also, there will be a mapping of the current technologies and examples of the waste heat utilisation that will be done by literature research, site visits and technology mapping. Based on the above, a general plan for waste heat utilisation will be created. 

The project activities increase the knowledge of Kajaani – and furthermore whole Kainuu – as a perfect location for data centers. Most importantly, the project improves the know-how related to the utilisation of data center waste heat.

CSC brings to the project strong expertise in data center operations and an understanding of data center activities from the perspective of investors and operators. CSC is involved in the planning for utilisation of waste heat and helping with contacting relevant stakeholders. In addition, CSC is actively involved in implementing the communication and networking activities.