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Welcome to website’s beta version!

You are currently visiting the beta version of website i.e. the test version. The site is still incomplete and we are continuously working to develop it, so there may be minor interruptions in its operation.

On the new website we aim to highlight CSC’s expertise and the societal impact of our operations more clearly than before. The visual look, structure and contents of the site have all been renewed. News, blogs and other topical content are more visible than before. Our goal is a fresh and modern website where it is easy for the user to find the information they are looking for.

Incomplete on site:

  • All the descriptions of research infrastructures and international networks are not yet visible.
  • If you use the site with mobile device or tablet, there might be usability problems with some elements.

In addition, a number of smaller technical bugs have been identified and are currently being corrected.

Accessibility and information security testings will be carried out on the website later.

The new site will replace the old one during April. Until then the current site will function as our main website.

Give us feedback

We welcome feedback on the beta version as this will help improve it! Before you send us feedback, please check that the matter has not been mentioned on the list of incomplete issues.