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This call for proposals is aimed at high-impact, high-gain innovative research, open to all fields of science, justifying the need for the capacity to use large allocations in terms of compute time (CPU, GPU) and data storage resources. The call is open for researchers in Finnish higher education and research institutions. We would appreciate new approaches that have not been possible previously, ideally from all fields, from natural sciences to humanities. In particular, we encourage the applicants to concretely bring up in their proposals why their research topic is challenging, and if their project succeeds, what would be the resulting scientific breakthrough.

The lifetime of the projects is, by default, one year.

The proposal should specify how much resources your project would require either for Mahti (in billing units, BU, see, or for LUMI (GPU-hours, core-hours terabyte-hours), and which would be the minimum amount that would produce useful results. The maximum amount that can be awarded is:

Mahti: 50 million BU
LUMI: 1.0 million GPUh, 12 million coreh
Please notice that for lesser resources, you may apply continuously in Mahti and in LUMI.

The proposals are submitted via a web form: You can save and edit your submission until you decide to send it.

The deadline for proposals is Friday, 14th April, 2023, at 16:00 EEST.

The proposals will be evaluated and selected by CSC’s Scientific Customer Panel. The evaluation criteria are listed here.

CSC will nominate a contact person for the project.

More information from CSC Service Desk (