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Participation in RDI projects has a positive impact on Finnish society, particularly for Finnish research organisations, higher education institutions and other national stakeholders. In 2023, CSC was involved in 82 externally funded RDI projects, of which about 60% included Finnish partners. Our goal is to provide additional value and expertise to our customers, and RDI projects are one of the ways we achieve this.

“Our collaborative efforts with international partners have positioned CSC as a sought-after partner and coordinator for cutting-edge initiatives. With most of our projects involving Finnish partners, we are contributing to the global technological landscape and strengthening the research and innovation ecosystem within Finland,” says Damien Lecarpentier, Director of International Collaborations and Partnerships at CSC.

CSC is a globally recognised and trusted entity in the realm of innovative technologies and domains including Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML), High Performance Computing (HPC), and Quantum Computing. Examples of projects in these areas include DeployAI, XCALE and FiQCI, all involving partnerships with numerous Finnish higher education institutions, research organisations and companies.

Moreover, CSC is deeply involved in numerous European strategic e-Infrastructure projects, such as the EuroHPC JU, the European Open Science Cloud, ELIXIR, and Destination Earth. We are currently undertaking several significant projects related to the LUMI supercomputer within the EuroHPC framework, one of which is EPICURE, a project dedicated to offering user support across Europe for EuroHPC users. In the European Open Science Cloud context, our participation in projects like EOSC-ENTRUST and OSTrails demonstrates our commitment to fostering open science. Our portfolio of ELIXIR-related projects is expanding, reflecting our expertise in linking health and biological data with supercomputing. As for Destination Earth, CSC’s Climate DT project is a highlight, aiming to create a digital twin of the Earth to aid in climate change decision-making.

“We are proud of having a key role in the Destination Earth initiative that provides tools for tackling environmental challenges, such as climate change and biodiversity loss. We believe that in the future Destination Earth services can benefit Finnish users at different levels, from decision makers to researchers, business owners and citizens,” says Jenni Kontkanen, Development Manager in Digital Twin Technologies at CSC.

These are just a few examples of the numerous initiatives and project activities in which CSC actively collaborates with other Finnish stakeholders. These efforts collectively empower researchers, universities, and companies to remain at the forefront of global technological advancements and innovations.