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The visitors of the Artificial Intelligence exhibition get to visit the home, yard and workshop of a scientist working in artificial intelligence. In the workshop, the visitors have a chance to see how the LUMI supercomputer and a data centre operates.

Through cooperation, CSC supports the development of artificial intelligence expertise and understanding of issues related to artificial intelligence in Finland. CSC’s goal is to get children and young people excited about computational science and studies related to it, as young people’s interest is a key factor in ensuring that Finland continues to have experts in the field.

Together, artificial intelligence and high-performance computing enable scientific breakthroughs. Supercomputers, high-level computing power and artificial intelligence capacity are required in top research in a wide range of data-intensive and computing-intensive fields, including climate sciences and pharmaceutical research. The LUMI supercomputer is Europe’s most powerful and one of the most advanced platforms for artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence systems are based on demanding machine learning utilizing masses of data that require effective computational capacity. LUMI links together computational capacity, artificial intelligence methods (especially deep learning), traditional wide-scale simulation and the utilization of large masses of data to simultaneously solve a single challenge.

In addition to CSC, the exhibition partners include Efima Plc, the Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence FCAI, Futurice, Gofore Plc, the University of Helsinki, the Unemployment fund for highly educated KOKO, Microsoft, Nokia, Solita Oy, STEK and TEK.

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