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“South Korea is a rising, influential actor in the field of science and technology, as shown by the EU’s efforts towards closer cooperation. We share many of our ambitions with KISTI, and the collaboration helps CSC ensure that we stay at the cutting edge of technology globally. This MoU enables us to discuss future roadmaps of developing services for research and plan ahead engagements in EU-funded projects with our South Korean colleagues to provide the best possible services to the Finnish research community”, states Kimmo Koski, Managing Director of CSC.

“Finland is the European country closest to Korea. CSC and KISTI are institutes with a common mission in supercomputing, research networks and data. KISTI is currently preparing a 600 PetaFlops supercomputer and is also involved in quantum computing. We are delighted to be collaborating with CSC, a European leader in both supercomputing and quantum computing. We believe that this MoU will enable a wide range of collaborations, which will be of great mutual benefit”, states Jaesoo Kim, President of KISTI.

The MoU between CSC:n and KISTI was signed on 16.6.2023 by Kimmo Koski, Managing Director, CSC and Sik Lee, Director General, Division of National Supercomputing, South Korea. Credit: Mika Kouhia, Business Finland.

The signing took place during the Finland-Republic of Korea Joint Committee Meeting, which is a science and technology cooperation structure related to the state treaty cooperation between Finland and South Korea. The Joint Committee Meetings allow state actors from the two countries to discuss recent national developments in S&T policy, as well as mutually explore potential areas for collaboration. On behalf of the national communities, CSC and KISTI presented topics related to supercomputing and quantum computing, and the MoU was signed at the end of the event.

In addition to national structures, the MoU also leverages the EU-South Korea political framework for cooperation in research and digital technologies. EU’s Indo-Pacific Strategy aims to deepen engagement with partners in the Indo-Pacific region, under which a European Union – Republic of Korea Digital Partnership was signed in November 2022. South Korea has also entered formal negotiations to become an associated country to the EU’s Horizon Europe funding programme at the end of May 2023.

CSC is the national provider of data management and computing services for research in Finland and hosts LUMI, the fastest supercomputer in the EU. CSC is also heavily involved in various strategic European and Nordic initiatives in the field of open science, research data management, and research and education networks, such as the European Open Science Cloud, EUDAT, NORDUnet and GÉANT.

KISTI is the legally designated national supercomputing centre of South Korea that provides supercomputing and network services for research in South Korea and participates in various international cooperation projects. KISTI also heads the implementation of the country’s data management and open science policies via for instance their DataOn service and the Korea Research Data Commons, a national platform to gather and share research data. Within Europe, KISTI is collaborating with for instance CERN, EPCC, GÉANT, SURF, NORDUnet, UNESCO, and OpenAIRE.

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Kimmo Koski
Managing Director