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Many years’ work came to an end in the end of 2021, when the Katakri audit resulted in an approval by authorities for physical security and security management on Security Level IV (TL IV). This means that certain premises and security management at CSC are approved by authorities for the information that needs to be secured in compliance with the security level IV, which covers most of the information to be secured. In the future our customers can ask the National Cyber Security Centre for assurance, that CSC is adequately secure partner in this respect.
Katakri is a security audit tool for authorities. Usually Katakri audit is sought by very mature companies in the IT sector. The scopes for this audit were physical security and security management.

The audit for management processes ensured, that CSC’s security management is compliant with the government security requirements. For the premises, both technical security controls and access management, for instance, were audited. The audit also reviewed that the security at CSC is overseen by management, and that we ensure the security thoroughly in our projects and processes.

The certificate is valid for 3 years, after which it can be continued with re-audit.
“I am so happy and proud for CSC. We have achieved this by working together, contribution of many staff members at CSC made this possible. We have finally achieved this remarkable and necessary for some of our customers approval by authorities”, says Urpo Kaila, Head of Security at CSC.

Security is ever more important for our customers. Many of CSC´s core customers have required this approval, and many customers in the government and sensitive data will be requiring something similar.

“Fulfilling the requirements of the audit and getting an approval by the authorities is hard, so this shows how incredibly high-quality work CSC and its customers are doing. This is a great recognition of our work’s quality, and everyone who has worked for it deserves a thank you”, Urpo Kaila states.

For further information, please contact:

Head of Security Urpo Kaila
Phone: +358 9 457 2253