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”European data spaces are a rapidly developing field that creates many opportunities for Finnish RDI actors, from universities to companies. At CSC, we have long been participating in building data spaces in areas such as research (EOSC), health (EHDS) and green transition (Green Deal). By joining the alliance, we want to make our experience, expertise and network more widely available. Our aim is to raise awareness of CSC’s services, especially in opportunities of data economy and among companies interested in RDI cooperation,” said Janne Kanner, Director of CSC Data Services.

Promoting the competitiveness of Finnish actors

Data spaces are entities formed by common principles and rules that are intended for sharing and utilizing data in a particular industry or across industries. Data spaces create opportunities for companies for accelerated growth and innovation. They secure access to crucial resources and enable the sale and sharing of data among multiple actors. Data-space technologies enable the development of artificial intelligence solutions.

By bringing together key actors and active data space projects, the Alliance can promote their seamless collaboration and the competitiveness of Finnish actors in the European data economy and more broadly internationally.

The Alliance’s operations are based on cooperation models found to work in Belgium, the Netherlands and Austria, among others, as well as lessons learned from Finnish data-space projects in various fields.

The Data Spaces Alliance Finland network was announced on 10 April 2024 at the end of the Nordic Data Festival 2024. The 22 founding members of the Alliance signed a letter of intent, which creates a light governance model for goal-oriented cooperation between the actors.

The 22 founding members include 1001 Lakes, Business Finland, CSC – IT Center for Science, DataSpace Europe, Fintraffic, Headai, Kela, Ministry of Transport and Communications, Loihde, National Land Survey, MyData Global, Nokia, Nordic Institute for Interoperability Solutions (NIIS), Platform of Trust, Siili Solutions, Sitra, SIX Mobile Work Struology, and SmartScience.

More information

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