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Starting June 22, beta versions of SD Desktop and SD Connect will be available for open test use. During the beta stage, CSC hopes that users will give as much feedback as possible on the usability of the services and various user needs. The flexibility and usability of the services are not yet at the planned level, but the beta stage does offer a high level of data security matching existing services. In fact, the open test is mainly targeted at user comfort and the software range that is available.

– The data that is managed in these services is highly sensitive, such as health data and genome data. These data are very important in research and they can be used to discover things like new medicines and treatments. Because of the sensitive nature of the data, data security has to be at a very high level, says Janne Kanner, Director of Services for Data Management at CSC.

The full release versions of SD Desktop and SD Connect will be published next autumn alongside the third element of the service family, SD Submit, intended for the publication of sensitive data and its controlled licensing to other researchers. Going forward, the plan is to regularly introduce new functionalities, extensions and user experience improvements to the services, such as the possibility of high-performance computing. Various tailored services are also possible. In the future, CSC strives to standardize the entire SD family and to audit the services to a level that enables the secure processing of data, such as data authorized for research by the Social and Health Data Permit Authority Findata, data from Statistics Finland, and genomic and imaging data from biobanks.

The development of SD services has especially focused on feedback from higher education institutions and research organizations on the needs of processing sensitive data. In addition, the new services have been designed to be interoperable with Nordic and European services. Their development has been funded in particular through the Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration (NeIC) and the ELIXIR research infrastructure of life sciences. The Ministry of Education and Culture enables the provision of services to users free of charge.

Further information on CSC’s sensitive data services.

Heidi Laine, Data Services Customer Solution Manager, CSC
heidi.laine(at), +358405139593

Ilkka Lappalainen, Development Manager, Sensitive Data Services, CSC
ilkka.lappalainen(at), +358503818525

Customer inquiries, comments and solutions to possible problems can be sent to: servicedesk(at)