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Furthermore, CSC services cannot be accessed from Russian or Belarusian IP addresses. This also applies situations, in which the user account itself is not within any sanctions. This means that CSC services can’t be used from Russian or Belarusian networks at all regardless of the user’s nationality.

Additionally, it has prevented to stream any content from RT Russia Today or Sputnik channels in the Funet network. This decision is based on (EU) 2022/350.

This decision is valid for now. CSC will comply with the decisions and sanctions set by EU and Finland and will update all restrictions according this regulation.

For further information, please contact,
CEO Kimmo Koski

Contacts through CSC communications: Head of communications Maija Kuhlman

This release has been updated regarding information that concerns Belarus on 7 March and regarding information that concerns Funet network on 8 March.