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We have published CSC’s self-study Research Data Management course at our eLearning platform. It covers the basics of data management and gathers resources and tools available for different stages. There are no prerequisites for the course and anyone interested in the topic is welcome to learn about data management! Course language is English.

The course is divided into six sections: 1) Introduction, 2) Data Management Planing, 3) Data Collection, Documentation and Organization, 4) Computing, Analysing and Storing during the project, 5) Sharing, Publishing and Preserving data, and 6) Discover and Reuse data. The material consists of text, videos, and slides. At the end of each section there is a quiz where you can test your skills.

Log in to the course platform ( with either HAKA ID (using your own organization ID) or ELIXIR IDs. You can find the course with keywords “RDM” or “Research data management”.

Direct link to the course “Research data management“.

More information:

Siiri Fuchs, Research Data Management Specialist, CSC
siiri.fuchs at