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The event will be organised as an in-person event. The plenary sessions in the mornings of 22, 23, and 24 March will be live-streamed.

The summit week has been divided into particular themes for each of the days: HPC Ecosystem & EuroHPC; Science; Industry. CSC will be contributing to the theme of HPC and HPC newest missions and accomplishments during the HPC Ecosystem & EuroHPC Day on Tuesday 22nd of March:

  • During the first plenary session, the Chair of the PRACE Council Janne Ignatius (Program Director, CSC) will be giving a welcoming talk at 10:05 CET (11:05 EET);
  • During the session of Update of EuroHPC JU new missions – 2022-2027: Presentations + Q&A Fredrik Robertsén (Technology strategist, CSC) will speak at the Q&A part starting at 15:10 CET;
  • As part of the Workshop on the European HPC ecosystem Sara Garavelli (EOSC Program Manager, CSC) will present the topic of Deployment of HPC in Europe at 17:00 CET.· 

Science Day on Wednesday 23rd of March:

  • As part of the parallel track of Quantum Computing 16:30-18:00 CET, Mikael Johansson (Quantum Strategist, CSC) will present the topic of “Distributed implementations of hybrid HPC and quantum computing: case NordIQuEst”.

Check out the agenda and full information on the official event page.

The onsite event follows the rules of the French authorities concerning health and security (find out more here).

Open calls for proposals

PRACE is a European high-performance computing research infrastructure with 26 European member states. It aims to support the effectiveness of science and competitiveness of Europe by providing first-class data management and computing resources through a peer-review process.
Are you interested in calls for proposals for HPC resources? Currently open calls for proposals for HPC resources can be found on