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“LUMI is now listed on the Top500 list for the fifth time, and it is great to see LUMI’s prominent position once again. More important than list positions, however, are the tangible results already achieved with LUMI. Both academic and industrial users have been able to make use of LUMI’s computing power to make significant progress with, for example, large language models, digital twins and quantum technologies. In line with LUMI’s status as one of the most advanced platforms for AI in the world, more than half of LUMI’s capacity has been used for AI-related research and innovation”, says Kimmo Koski, Managing Director of CSC – IT Center for Science, on behalf of the LUMI Consortium.

“LUMI continues to stand tall as one of the EuroHPC’s flagship supercomputers, its position among the world’s most powerful computing systems once again confirmed by the Top500 list. Not only does LUMI showcase impressive computational power, but its exceptional energy efficiency serves as an example for sustainable computing. Since its inauguration in 2022, LUMI has been instrumental in driving European research, innovation, and discoveries to the forefront of the global stage. I am proud that the EuroHPC JU is providing European users access to the world’s most powerful HPC resources, and LUMI plays a key part in this”, says Anders Dam Jensen, Executive Director of the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking.

World-class eco-efficient platform for AI

In addition to the Top500 list, several other new benchmark lists were published at ISC24.

LUMI was listed in the HPL-MxP benchmark as number three with its 2.350 exaflops performance. The HPL-MxP benchmark probes the system capability for converged high-performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI) workloads, which was one of the design goals of LUMI. This makes LUMI one of the leading platforms in the world, which has also been proven with the many scientific projects utilizing LUMI’s revolutionary AI capacity.

On the new HPCG list (High-Performance Conjugate Gradient) LUMI was ranked number four, with a result of 4.587 pflop/s. The HPCG benchmark provides an alternative metric for assessing supercomputer performance from the memory-bandwidth bound applications point of view, and is meant to complement the HPL measurement.

LUMI supercomputer reached the twelfth spot on the new Green500 list which biannually ranks supercomputers from the Top500 list in terms of energy efficiency. The GFlops/Watts ratio for LUMI is 53.4, making it one of the greenest supercomputers in the world.

The LUMI system is supplied by Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), based on an HPE Cray EX supercomputer. The supercomputer is owned by the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking and hosted by the LUMI consortium, including eleven European countries.

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