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Aurajoki river in Turku in the summer

The volume of data in modern life sciences research has exploded in recent years. Therefore, improved methods are continuously needed to understand the data. Using computational tools to interpret biological data and harnessing artificial intelligence have become crucial in, for example, modern medical research. 

European Conference on Computational Biology (ECCB) is an esteemed international scientific gathering held annually. The conference is making its debut in the Nordic countries this year. Under the theme “Data and algorithms for health and science”, ECCB2024 anticipates participation from 600–800 researchers and experts spanning computational biology, systems biology, bioinformatics, AI, biology, and medicine. The event unfolds in Turku, the oldest city of Finland, at Logomo event venue.

Finnish organizers create an interesting conference experience 

Professor Laura Elo, co-chair of ECCB24. Credit: Hanna Oksanen / University of Turku

“ECCB offers a gateway to the latest advancements, opportunities and challenges in computational biology. A key topic is how data can be transformed into biological knowledge through development and use of computational methods and tools,” says Laura Elo, Professor of Computational Medicine at the University of Turku, and ECCB2024 co-chair. 

Finland is well-known for its cutting-edge research, high-quality health data, as well as its high-level of digitalization, making it an interesting location for the conference.

“ECCB strives to bridge people with different skills in biological research, data management and scientific computing. Its Finnish debut is a platform for breakthroughs. Finland has a global impact in these fields,” says Tommi Nyrönen, Head of ELIXIR Finland at CSC – IT Center for Science, and ECCB2024 co-chair.  

Tommi Nyrönen, co-chair of ECCB2024. Credit: CSC

University of Turku and CSC – IT Center for Science collaborate to organize the conference. Together, the organizers have unique expertise in computational biology research and data infrastructures. University of Turku is a part of Turku’s strong health and bioscience cluster. The Medical Bioinformatics Centre led by Prof. Elo develops computational methods, models, software tools to improve the diagnosis and treatment of complex diseases like diabetes and cancer, leveraging the latest artificial intelligence techniques. CSC brings internationally renowned expertise on data management, computing services and sensitive data services to the partnership, including the resources of Europe’s fastest supercomputer, LUMI.

Top-tier speakers in computational biology

ECCB2024 promises insight and expertise from top-tier speakers in computational biology and bioinformatics. Keynote speakers include, among others:

  • Professor Peer Bork, Director of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) Heidelberg, speaking on “Microbiome analysis for human and planetary health”
  • Professor Sarah Teichmann, Cambridge Stem Cell Institute, Cambridge University, addressing “Mapping the human body, one cell at a time”

Beyond keynotes and main program tracks, ECCB2024 offers poster sessions, workshops, tutorials, and networking opportunities.


Tommi Nyrönen
Head of ELIXIR Finland at CSC – IT Center for Science, ECCB2024 co-chair 
Tel. +358 50 381 9511
tommi.nyronen at

Laura Elo
Professor of Computational Medicine at the University of Turku, ECCB2024 co-chair
Tel. +358 50 468 0795
laura.elo at

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