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The Board is composed of Directors, who are appointed in their individual capacity, from amongst the Delegates of the General Assembly who represent the members of the EOSC Association. Sara has more than ten years of experience in the areas of stakeholder engagement, outreach and international collaboration in the research infrastructures landscape. She is also the coordinator of the EOSC Finnish Forum, the EOSC national structure supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture that coordinates EOSC activities in Finland.

– I am truly honored to have been elected to the Board of Directors of the EOSC Association and I would like to thank all the EOSC Association members for their support, says Sara Garavelli.

– EOSC has been listed as priority number one in the November 2021 conclusions of the Council of Europe (pdf) on future governance of ERA the European Research Area (ERA). This is a big achievement for EOSC and the next three years will be fundamental to make it a concrete reality. I am really looking forward to bringing my contribution and expertise to the service of the EOSC Association, says Sara Garavelli.

Sara Garavelli, CSC

The EOSC Association advances Open Science to accelerate the creation of new knowledge, inspire education, spur innovation and promote accessibility and transparency. The Board of Directors is in charge of achieving the purpose of the Association and directing the activities by implementing the decisions, instructions and recommendations adopted by the General Assembly. Currently, there are 161 members and 73 observers in the EOSC Association.

Bob Jones (CERN) and Wilhelm Widmark (Stockholm University) were elected to the Board of Directors for their second mandate of 2022–2024. See the full composition of the EOSC Association Board of Directors.

Read more about the EOSC Association.