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At the same time we’re updating the Finnish version of the Data Processing Agreement (DPA), which is part of the Terms of use. The change is minor, and it unifies the meaning of the term “Sisältö” (in English “Content”) between the Terms of Use and the DPA. The English version of the DPA has not been changed. See here for more details about the DPA update in Finnish.

What does this change mean for you as our user?

After the update, CSC will have one common policy to delete closed CSC Project’s content from our data management and computing services as described in the Terms of Use, unless otherwise agreed. By content, we mean the User’s data, software, servers, systems, or processes that use or interact with the Services. The user is responsible for transferring or deleting content, before the CSC project is closed. CSC will notify the project members before CSC project expires.

The policy will apply to the following services: Puhti, Mahti, Allas, cPouta, ePouta, Rahti, SD Connect, SD Desktop and Fairdata IDA. The transition will take place in stages to cover different services. All of these services are expected to follow the policy by October 2022. If you need a confirmation after all content has been deleted from services, please contact Service Desk.

If you are unsure about your CSC Project’s status, please log in to CSC Customer portal to check it. See instructions on how to extend your CSC Project. Only the Project Manager can extend the Project. CSC Project is valid for one year at a time, unless otherwise agreed. Projects that use Fairdata IDA will be extended automatically, if they have a Project Manager with an active CSC account.

More information:

CSC Service Desk

phone +3589 457 2821