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The website renewal was based on the objectives of communicating CSC’s operations and its impact on society more clearly than before. In addition, we wanted to make finding information on the website easier.

“The website now better highlights CSC’s unique expertise and describes our role and importance to society. As a special state assignment company, CSC has a central position in advancing digitalisation and promoting science and research. We want to communicate this impact especially to our customers, job seekers, the funders of our work, media, networks important to us, partners and the general public,” says Maija Kuhlman, Director of Communications at CSC.

The website has been comprehensively redesigned. The site now has a fresh visual look, structure and content. News, blogs and other topical content are more prominently featured than before.

“The website serves as a hub for all of our content related to corporate communications. The new website provides visitors with high-quality and up-to-date information not only about CSC as a company but also about important current issues and phenomena in our industry,” Kuhlman says.

Check out the new website

The main sections of the site are clearly titled to make it easier for the user to find the information they need. Read below what the sections contain.

Our expertise

In this section, you can learn about CSC’s expertise and environments that secure internationally competitive top research resources for researchers at universities, research institutes and businesses’ RDI use. You’ll find information about CSC’s data management services, computing environments and expert support. Our multidisciplinary services and expertise also support the digitalisation of research and education.

About us

The About Us section contains information about CSC as a company. You can learn about CSC’s customers, values, vision and strategy. Corporate responsibility and sustainability development, RDI project activities and international networks, as well as societal influence and impact are essential parts of our operations. In this section you will also find our contact information.


In the Careers section, you can read more about CSC as an employer. You will find more information about career opportunities, our working culture and employee benefits, and all the open positions. In the career stories, you can explore the unique career paths of CSC employees.


The Training section presents CSC’s customer training offering and other issues related to training. You can check out the upcoming customer trainings and all the constantly open online trainings.


CSC actively monitors the phenomena that affect scientific computing, data management, and the digitalisation of research and education, and participates in the social discussion. In this section, you can read our latest news, media releases, expert blogs and statements.