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CSC’s latest personnel survey was conducted in September 2023. At the time, 87.7% of the staff responded to the survey. The PeoplePower index figure, compiled from several questions in the study, was 74.9. This indicates that the employee experience at CSC is at a good level.

The personnel survey measures staff commitment, performance, dedication, and vision of leadership. Compared to the results of the 2022 personnel survey, all indices measuring these areas improved, while the level of the leadership index remained the same.

The study also examined, among other things, the staff’s view of CSC’s strengths based on predefined themes. Based on the responses, investing in staff well-being is perceived as one of CSC’s strengths. In addition, CSC’s culture and atmosphere as well as opportunities for learning and development were seen as strengths.

“An annual personnel survey is an important feedback channel and a tool for developing personnel management and organizational operations. Each year, managers review the results of the survey with the staff, and based on the feedback, the groups prepare their own development plans. This time, the personnel survey also supported the prioritization of the themes of our People Agenda, which is under preparation. Based on the responses, the personnel representatives prepare their own proposal for the People Agenda and company level development measures based on it. This is a great example of how we can take the views of our staff into account in our various development projects. I´m really happy that we have a high response rate again and get so many different perspectives in the feedback,” says CSC’s HR Director Hanna Leimola.

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Finland’s most inspiring workplaces

Finland’s most inspiring workplaces is an annual recognition by Eezy Flow for organisations that have achieved the highest ratings in their personnel surveys. More than 150 000 people in Finland respond to the PeoplePower personnel surveys each year. The award is granted to organisations whose PeoplePower rating exceeds Finland’s expert norm. CSC’s PeoplePower index figure for 2023 was 74.9.