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Starting in the mid-2022, CSC will implement one common policy to delete CSC Project’s content (i.e data, software, servers, systems or processes) from our data management and computing services after academic CSC project closure. This policy will be included in General Terms of Use for CSC’s Services for Research and Education.

The policy will apply to the following services: Puhti, Mahti, Allas, cPouta, ePouta, Rahti, SD Connect, SD Desktop and Fairdata IDA. The transition will take place in stages to cover different services. 

The upcoming change helps to meet the various data management requirements, such as efficiency, security and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

What will change

The academic CSC Project’s content will be deleted after the project has come to an end.

In Fairdata IDA we will additionally consult the Project Manager or the organisation that has granted the IDA storage space before deleting data, as before. 

Users are primarily responsible for transferring or deleting their project content before the project is closed. CSC also supports in project closure phase content management, if contacted.

We will continue to inform our users about the new policy during spring 2022.

CSC Service Desk

phone +3589 457 2821

Read also our blog: Introducing CSC’s content retention policy in Services for Research and Education