Privacy at CSC

Data protection and privacy are important to us. CSC respects persons' right to protection of their personal data and follows the regulatory requirements.

We ensure that your personal information is processed appropriately, fairly and in a transparent manner. We only collect personal information for a specific purpose and we will only collect the personal information that is necessary for the purpose of processing the data. We will ensure that the personal information we collect is accurate and we will update them as needed.

As an IT expert, CSC emphasizes the data protection by design in its IT solutions.

Data Protection Officer Sanna Vartia, privacy(at)

Privacy Policies


Certificates to support data protection and security

CSC's data centers have been granted an ISO/IEC 27001 certificate for their information security management systems. The certificate ensures that CSC possesses the capacity to manage, govern and continuously develop the information security of its services and operations.

Security at CSC