Location Innovation Hub

The objective of the Location Innovation Hub (LIH) is to advance the use of artificial intelligence (AI), high-performance computing (HPC), cybersecurity (CS) and advanced digital skills (ADS) by applying location intelligence (LI). In other words, by deriving meaningful insights from geospatial data relationships – people, places or things – to solve particular challenges such as demographic or environmental analysis, asset tracking and traffic planning. LIH will target value chains serving key domains in Finland and in Europe at large, including the built environment, bioeconomy (forestry, agriculture and food), transportation, and health and well-being, for all of which LI is crucial to the smooth running and interoperation of services.

LIH will support SMEs and mid-caps providing services utilizing location data, services and technology as well as public sector bodies utilizing or producing location data, services and technology, and will offer:

  • A low threshold to involvement – assuring the widest range of expertise, experience and ideas
  • A communication and matchmaking process – categorising participants and tailoring to their needs
  • Maturity assessment – allowing to recommend further actions and acting as a gateway to higher level services
  • The Innovation Ecosystem – bringing together expertise via LI networks, helping SMEs and mid-caps to connect to relevant partners, providing business consultancy, and encouraging co-creation via sector relevant challenges
  • An architecture of LI enabling tools and resources such as reference data spaces and AI solutions, training, developer consultancy, and testing infrastructure to enable SMEs, mid-caps and public sector to test the technologies before committing to investment

CSC will be contributing to offering testing infrastructures by providing a Location Intelligence HPC platform and cloud services using CSC’s HPC environments, and by offering expert support on applying for and using CSC’s AI, machine learning and other HPC resources.