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Reporting a suspected misconduct – Whistleblower

CSC Whistleblower reporting form guarantees our owners, customers, partners, and employees a safe way to report any suspected misconduct, also anonymously.

We at CSC uphold high standards in all our business. Our operations are guided by our values and our Code of Conduct. Our employees go through our ethical instructions annually with their superiors. We measure the implementation of our values, and it is important to us that actions are taken to solve any possible misconduct without hesitation.

How to make a Whistleblower report?

If you suspect that a person at CSC has acted unethically and against the applicable law or company policies, you can report it in the Whistleblower reporting tool. Unethical actions can be, for example, financial misconduct, harsh violations against information security or data privacy, personal harassment and threatening, or misuse of supremacy in the company.

It is important for CSC, that the reporting form is reliable and trustworthy to the user. To avoid any conflict of interest, the reports are received and preliminary processed by a third party. Only they can access the information given through the reporting tool. The report can be done anonymously, if so chosen, and all contact during the handling of the report takes place directly in the reporting tool.

The report can be made in Finnish, Swedish, or English.

The reports are processed within seven (7) days, and you will receive a separate confirmation of it.

Please note!

Don’t use Whistleblower reporting form to give feedback or to report any urgent matter.