Elmer FEM free webinar series

We are pleased to invite you to the Elmer FEM webinar series.

The webinars will be given during spring 2021 on Thursdays on Zoom at 15.00 EEST (Helsinki), or 14.00 CEST (Berlin). The Elmer webinar series are free of charge.

Most presentations will follow the 45 minutes + questions format, but as there is only one presentation each day there is some flexibility to both directions.

The webinar series will start with some basic presentations of Elmer given by the Elmer Team from CSC. These will be followed by presentations by Elmer users & developers elsewhere. The presentations include the use of Elmer for various problems. Also, tools that utilize Elmer (EOF library and pyelmer) will be presented by their authors.

The general lectures at the start are planned so that they can also support the self-learning of Elmer. We will also organize separate problem-solving sessions for the first two weeks on Zoom to keep the newcomers onboard.

Everybody is welcome to participate in any number of sessions. The access to Zoom will be controlled and to guarantee access to the session you should give your full real name for the session.

Webinar recordings
Webinar presentations

The preliminary schedule of the series

Introduction to Elmer & How to teach yourself Elmer, Peter Råback & Thomas Zwinger

Overview of capabilities of Elmer – where to go from here?, Peter Råback & Jonathan Velasco

Parallel Computing with Elmer, Peter Råback & Thomas Zwinger

Elmer-OpenFOAM library, Juris Vencels

Electrical circuit with Elmer, Eelis Takala & Frederic Trillaud

Solvers for solid mechanics – Recent progress, Mika Malinen

Induction Machine Open-source FEA Computations comparison with Measurement and Commercial FEA, Minhaj Zaheer

Pyelmer – Python interface for Elmer workflow,
Arved Enders-Seidlitz

13.5.  New date 20.5.
Industrial applications-oriented, microwave modeling in Elmer, Roman Szewczyk, Anna Ostaszewska-Liżewska, Dominika Kopala & Jakub Szałatkiewicz

If you’re interested in giving an Elmer-related presentation at a later date in this Webinar series, please contact the organizers.