LUMI GPU Hackathon

LUMI GPU / Nomad CoE hackathon Sept 4-6, 2023 at CSC

The event is meant for code developer teams targeting the GPU partition of LUMI with AMD MI250X GPUs. The participating teams will be mentored by experts from AMD, HPE and EuroHPC Competence Center. 

This will be on-site event at CSC with no remote participation possibility.

Who can apply?

Anyone who is a member of an organization eligible to receive an allocation for LUMI compute resources is welcome to apply to this program. In brief, this means that a research software developer affiliated with a research organization in the EuroHPC countries and/or countries part of the LUMI consortium can apply. A company, which has its headquarters in such countries, is also eligible. By partnering with European research groups and/or companies, a non-European applicant can also participate, but please note that the principal investigator of any projects that apply will need to be based in the EU or an associated country.

A number of seats will be reserved for teams associated with the Nomad Center of Excellence.

Up to six projects/teams will be selected for the event based on applications.

What we are looking for

The event is meant for a broad range of teams targeting LUMI GPUs:

  • From teams having a CPU only application which they want to port to AMD GPUs 
  • to teams who already have a GPU enabled application running on Nvidia hardware which they want to port to AMD GPUs and
  • finally to developers wanting to optimize their AMD GPU applications.

All the teams need to be committed, well prepared and know their applications in great detail and have clear plans for what they want to achieve and an idea how to do it. This applies especially to the teams without GPU enabled applications.

We are looking for proposals outlining a team effort of solving porting and/or performance issues with their code. The scope should be limited so that good progress can be made during the hackathon with your team of two (2) to four (4) people.

Please note that we strongly prefer open source applications.

How to apply and notifications

Closing date: 28.5.2023

Notifications: By 11.6.2023

The application form is available at the bottom of this page. The applications will be evaluated based on technical and scientific merits by CSC, AMD and HPE.

The teams whose application successfully passes the selection process will need to register for the event to confirm participation within two weeks from notification of acceptance. The notification of acceptance will include information on how to register.

Attendance fee for the accepted teams

The fee covers the lunches, coffee and snacks during the event.

  • For academic partipants: 180€ (ex VAT) per team member.
  • For industry: 840€ (ex VAT) per team member.


For any questions, please contact servicedesk@csc.fi