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Flexible online learning

Through online learning, you can improve your skills whenever and wherever you are.

Study on a free online course when it suits you

Our self-study courses open to all enable you to study whenever it suits you best. While our courses are mostly free of charge, registration or e.g. Haka credentials is required. Our online courses are implemented in the Moodle-based eLena learning environment.

After completing our e-learning course, you will receive a certificate with our recommendation on the ECT credits to which the course corresponds. The final decision on credits will be made by your educational institution. 

Examples of our online courses

Read more about our e-learning courses.

You can also find online courses on high-performance computing on platforms such as FutureLearn.

Take part in topical discussions at our webinars

At our webinars, we tackle topical issues in a brief and concise matter. After a presentation, participants can ask questions and reflect together on the themes and challenges that come up. This means that everyone is welcome to contribute to the discussion!

For future webinars, see our training calendar, and for webinar recordings, visit the Video CSC service and our YouTube channel.

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