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Read more about our training facilities

Our modern training facilities are located in Keilaniemi, Espoo, with good transport connections.

Arriving at training events

When arriving to our premises in Keilaniemi, please register in the main lobby of the building. You will receive an access ID bagde, with a QR code, allowing you to enter our training center where you can start your training day with a cup of coffee or tea in the lobby. Read more detailed instructions for your arrival.

About our facilities

Our training facilities include the computer class Dogmi and the versatile Debatti room, which is suitable for training and studio use. The training center lobby can also be used for variety of purposes such as workshops or small group discussions.

External organizations can also inquire renting our facilities for training purposes. For more information about renting the facilities, e-mail us at courses(at)

 Training center lobby

  • coffee machine
  • seating
  • display of approx. 60″
  • suitable for open events when there is no need to work with laptops or computers.

 Computer class Dogmi

  • 24 + 1 computers (Linux/Windows)
  • 30 seats
  • 2 HD projectors
  • suitable for training that requires desktops, and hybrid training.


  • 30 participants
  • 2 projectors
  • studio quality acoustics and sound reproduction
  • suitable for both live and hybrid training, as well as various events and workshops where desktops are not needed.

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