ECCB2024: 23rd European Conference on Computational Biology

16-20 September, Turku, Finland

European Conference on Computational Biology (ECCB) is Europe’s premier event in computational biology and bioinformatics in 2024, bringing together 600–800 scientists and experts from across Europe to Turku, Finland, in September.

The esteemed, annual conference makes its debut in the Nordic countries this year. CSC – IT Center for Science and University of Turku are proud to co-organize the event.

Under the theme “Data and algorithms for health and science”, ECCB2024 anticipates participation from 600–800 researchers and experts spanning computational biology, systems biology, bioinformatics, AI, biology, and medicine. 

The participants can expect a conference week filled with top keynotes and talks, high-quality scientific talks, workshops and tutorials, lively poster sessions, exhibition, and social events. 

For more information, visit the ECCB2024 website, or read more in the press release.



Tommi Nyrönen

Director, Head of Node ELIXIR Finland

Dr. Tommi Nyrönen is a biochemist and head of ELIXIR Finland at CSC. He promotes the safe use of life science-related data in European research.

+358 50 3819511