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Quantum technology is developing into a widespread field in industry. This quantum wave is motivated by the unprecedented performance improvements and paradigm shifts that the utilization of quantum phenomena can provide for computing, communication and sensing applications. The Quantum Technologies Industrial (QuTI) ecosystem project brings together the expertise of Finnish industry and research organizations to find new quantum technology solutions.

The QuTI project covers the full value chain of quantum industry from materials and hardware to software and system-level solutions. The project involves 12 organizations: the research partners are VTT, Aalto University, Tampere University and CSC – IT Center for Science, and the industrial partners are Bluefors, Afore, Picosun, IQM, Rockley Photonics, Quantastica, Saab, and Vexlum.

– Quantum technology is a multidisciplinary and rapidly advancing field. The QuTI consortium provides an ideal starting point for strengthening the international competitiveness of Finnish technology and industry in this fast-growing field, says QuTI project’s coordinator, Professor Mika Prunnila from VTT.

Through CSC-led end-user needs assessment, quantum computing can be used to solve industrially relevant problems in as early phase as possible. The maturity level of the Finnish quantum computing platform will be illustrated by performing real, maximally efficient computations using a Finnish quantum computer. A successful demonstration will provide a solid basis for the dissemination of the service to customers and end-users. 

– The project will lay the foundation for the widespread use of quantum computing in Finnish RDI activities, says Mikael Johansson, Quantum Strategist at CSC. The next step is to combine quantum computers with Europe’s most powerful supercomputer, LUMI, which CSC operates in Kajaani.

– Quantum technology offers great opportunities for Finnish industry, and we want to be involved in supporting this development. We see that the QuTI project is in many ways a concrete starting point for the Finnish quantum ecosystem, says Kari Leino, Ecosystem Lead at Business Finland.

Further information

CSC – IT Center for Science
Quantum Strategist Mikael Johansson, tel. 040 7526291

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
Research Professor Mika Prunnila, tel. +358 40 5378910 

VTT PR 17.1.2022: A major project brings together Finnish industry and research for quantum technology development