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The survey was aimed at our customer users in universities of applied sciences, universities and research institutes. The survey respondents considered cooperation with CSC to be easy (average 4.34 on a scale of 1-5) and were satisfied with CSC as an actor (average 4.19). None of the respondents were dissatisfied with CSC or felt that cooperation with CSC was difficult.

“The survey results show that our customers believe we do important work and our services are of a high quality. At the same time, we also received a lot of excellent development suggestions, which are used by our service teams and customers for the continuous customer-oriented improvement of services and cooperation,” says Director Hanna-Mari Puuska of CSC.

The survey provides higher education institutions and research institutes with an even better opportunity to influence CSC services, and, based on feedback, CSC develops services to better meet the changing needs of its customers.

CSC has conducted several service-specific surveys in previous years. The 2024 survey is the first comprehensive customer experience and satisfaction survey measuring all services.

The survey is conducted every year to ensure continuity in the monitoring and reporting of customer satisfaction and service quality.

Free-form survey responses

“Help and support are always given in a highly professional and friendly manner – Thank you!”

“CSC is an important actor and partner for several experts and, as a service provider, CSC has succeeded in providing solutions that serve the needs of the university.”

“Cooperating with CSC works very well and you don’t have to wait long for answers.”

“Questions are answered quickly and comprehensively. Wherever possible, every effort is also made to meet my wishes. Thank you for your cooperation!”

“I have never encountered a situation where I did not get help with my problem.”