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CSC thanks the Technology Advisory Board for its valuable work and wishes to bring its own input and expertise to further work. The topics that CSC considers important to contribute to the Technology Advisory Board’s goal of increasing Finland’s technological capacity, developing public-private sector cooperation and strengthening Finland’s leading role in utilizing technology in all areas of society are summarized in our statement.

It is important to recognize the role of technology in society as a broader and deeper issue than just technical solutions. As technology advances, there is a risk that the societal impacts and factors that may be required to promote and utilise technology, such as political will, appropriate legislation, adequate funding, dialogue and cooperation between people and organizations, and the creation of a knowledge base, will not be sufficiently identified. Above all, we need a change in culture that allows things to be done in a whole new way. Technology, data and digitalisation as cross-cutting phenomena do not add value if operated in separate silos and sectors, and it is therefore important to systematically promote horizontal modes of operation and create appropriate structures, processes to support them, and to review legislative changes in these respects. We must dare to make bold decisions. Therefore, the existing infrastructure, capacity and know-how must be utilised. In addition, it is of paramount importance to provide adequate funding and human resources for the planned reforms, and Finland must pursue strategic, systemic change that spans government terms. The report rightly highlights EU policy and increasing Finland’s influence in the EU. This is a key area with a lot of untapped potential. A stronger strategy and plan is needed: what does Finland aim for in the EU, and how will its implementation be implemented? Finland can be a pioneer in the field of technology and, for example, a promoter of green growth. Additionally, better repatriation of EU RDI funding must be systematically pursued.

Read the full statement (pdf) (in Finnish)