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It is primarily important that funding is raised to a sustainable level. We are therefore particularly thankful that the working group has recognized in its assessment the challenges related to EU’s matching funding in RDI-projects. The self-financing, matching funding and project preparation in EU-projects require an own budgetary article. In addition, it is important to ensure long-term national funding to make sure that Finland can continue to serve as a location for joint European high-performance research infrastructures.

However, funding is not adequate alone, but the societal structures must support and promote RDI-funding as a whole so that we can also acquire impact with that funding. In addition, legal barriers for RDI-work should be gone through systematically and unfolded if needed. The legislation hindering RDI-work must be assessed in separate report and it should be promoted alongside of RDI-funding.

In addition, it is important to nurture competences and requirements of international top-level research. With research infrastructures, and international partnerships, we can increase the attractiveness of Finland as a target for RDI-investments. The investments already made must also be utilized and RDI cooperation strengthened.

Read the full statement (pdf) (in Finnish).