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The CSC acknowledges the development of IPR issues on the national level, and supports the improvement of the current situation. The proposal provides a good starting point for a national strategy on IPR, and it will hopefully be further refined with concrete actions.

Data-related skills are of uppermost importance in all sectors, and at all levels of education. Data aggregated with public funding must be as open as possible. Also sensitive data must be available for RDI purposes when anonymised accordingly. The IPR strategy must advance the use of the FAIR principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) in all data management.

Interoperability is a key prerequisite for the widespread use of information in society, in line with the European Interoperability Framework.

Text and data mining enable exploitation of large data sets. Finland should fully exploit the national flexibility when adapting the Copyright Directive, and promote the liberalization of data mining in the EU legislation. This will support the national RDI ecosystem and promote the provision of more efficient solutions, for instance in developing artificial intelligence.