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The CSC praises the valuable work and wishes to contribute with its expertise to further work. Technology, data and digitalisation are cross-sectoral phenomena, as reflected in the document. Thus, it is particularly important that we establish systematic and horizontal approaches to the issue. However, these need to be supported by appropriate structures, processes and legislation in this respect. We need to be bold, but at the same time we must not do everything from scratch, as existing infrastructure, capacity and know-how that must be exploited. Sufficient funding and human resources must also be ensured. This is also taken into account in the Technology Advisory Board’s report.

The CSC is pleased with the decision in principle will create a more strategic approach to integrated technology development and exploitation in Finland. In order to reach the set goals, we need to extend this strategy beyond the government’s term of office. This is already reflected as the target is set in the year 2030. The targets must be strategic: they must outline what Finland is aiming for, not so much in terms of the technology itself, but rather in terms of its national and international social impact.