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In short, CSC recommends:

  1. Setting a climate-neutrality target for all digital infrastructures with vast energy consumption;
  2. Drawing up a Green ICT Strategy for the EU, inspired by Finland’s recently published climate and environment strategy for the ICT sector;
  3. Enhancing the end-user’s role in the design of digital services through co-design and engagement of broad range of user communities;
  4. Setting an interoperability target and linking the Digital Compass policies more closely with the EU’s data policies;
  5. Developing the infrastructure targets so that they support interoperable ecosystems of different types of infrastructures as well as technological leadership in emerging technologies;
  6. Applying shared ownership and inclusive consortium arrangements when designing the Multi-Country Projects for developing Europe’s digital capacities in critical areas;
  7. Paying attention to openness, transparency and ensuring a diverse and balanced representation of public and private interests as well as civil society and various fields of academia when inviting members to the stakeholder forum and/or expert group to be established to support the implementation of the Digital Compass policies;
  8. Consulting stakeholders not only on the implementation but also the design of the Digital Compass policies, and taking the necessary communication efforts to that effect.

Read the full statement (pdf)