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The objectives targeting skills should pay attention to the continuous need to update curricula and competences of teachers. Furthermore, the key result of the Compass that mentions LUMI should indicate more clearly that a new next generation supercomputer to replace the current one is being sought after, and it should take into account the opportunities that LUMI provides for different fields of academic research and industry.

As for digital infrastructure, we put emphasis on promoting data sharing on the basis of the European Interoperability Framework and FAIR principles. In addition, we hope that digital infrastructure will be developed as an interoperable ecosystem. The environmental and energy efficiency dimension of the Compass should also be strengthened while profiling Finland as an energy, eco and cost-effective location for data centres and promoting the unique, national climate and environment strategy for the ICT sector. Our already advanced developments in High-Performance Computing and quantum technology should also be kept up in the future.

You can read the statement in full here (pdf) (in Finnish).